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Transparent Pricing

At Salt Spray Charters, we believe in transparent pricing to ensure our customers have a clear understanding of what to expect when booking their seafaring adventure with us. Our pricing model is straightforward and all-inclusive, so you can focus on enjoying the journey without any surprises.

Each cruise with Salt Spray Charters lasts for two hours, and the cost, including the captain, is $550.  The price stays the same whether you have 1 person or up to 12 people.  (Please note that 12 is the maximum number, per USCG law for bareboat charters.) This fee covers the expertise and guidance of our experienced captains, who are dedicated to making your voyage safe, enjoyable, and memorable.

The charterer is also responsible for covering the cost of gas during the cruise. Typically, gas expenses amount to $25 per hour. Therefore, for a two-hour cruise, the gas cost is $50.

Upon booking your cruise with Salt Spray Charters, you will be charged a total of $600. This upfront payment ensures that there are no hidden fees or unexpected charges throughout your journey.

At Salt Spray Charters, we value the hard work and dedication of our captains. If you enjoy your trip and would like to show your appreciation, your captain will greatly appreciate a tip. Should you choose to tip, you may give it directly to your captain at the end of the cruise.

With transparent pricing and a commitment to providing exceptional service, Salt Spray Charters invites you to embark on a voyage filled with adventure, relaxation, and unforgettable moments on the open sea.

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